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Storytelling for Children, Adults & Corporates

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Storytelling For Children

Your Story Bag runs an innovative story-based learning program that includes storytelling, creative arts, phonetics, role play, imagination and communication, story writing & a book club for children.

Storytelling for Creative Entrepreneurs

Your Story Bag works closely with creative entrepreneurs and small business owners, helping them extract the stories in their life and using them as power tools.

Storytelling  for Teachers

Your Story Bag offers a unique Tickle Your Story Bones Workshop for Teachers. It’s a 20-hour intensive program that includes training in reading, storytelling, and dramatization with prop making.

Tickle Your Story Bones Workshop for Managers

Your Story Bones offers a unique creative workshop that unleashes the creative juices in managers, tickling their story bones and helping them find the storytellers hidden within.

Storytelling for Students & Professionals

Writing a college application? Or making your first pitch to a client? Your Story Bag helps Students and Professionals find the right stories to make a sizzling impact.

Storytelling for Corporates

Stories humanize organizations, brands and products. Your Story Bag & StrongKofee help in making storytelling a powerful Leadership, Organizational, and Business & Communication Tool.

"Really appreciate the way you capture imagination and engage with kids with all that effort into the props and keen attention to tiny details that makes all the difference. My daughter really enjoys those story and arts-n-crafts sessions. Ritu, thanks for're doing a fab job!"

− Shradha Lalwani, Jewelry Designer & Mother to 4 year old Mishka

"Rituparna comes with a strong background in journalism, where storytelling was at the heart of everything she did. With her passion for storytelling, coupled with her strong writing skills and a nose for digging out stories, I knew we had found the right “storyteller” to help HCL Tech with our story telling efforts! At HCL “Ideapreneurship" is the bedrock of the organization. We thrive on our employee success stories and it is these stories that make HCL what it is. We wanted to celebrate the stories at the organisational level, but the hurdle was how to tell them effectively without sounding preachy! We were looking for someone to draw out the stories at the grass-root level and help us polish and package them effectively. And so began a 3 month long journey of interviewing 100 HCL employees spread across the world. Rituparna wrote us the draft of the stories that have now been further polished and put together in a graphic novel. She has also written us succinct video scripts that are being put together as Video Stories. Her work for us has resulted in capability building of HCL’s marketing team on storytelling and a very successful pilot which gives us the confidence to further our story telling initiatives. I would strongly recommend Rituparna as a trusted business partner."

− Apurva Chamaria, Director & Head of Global Brand & Digital Marketing at HCL Technologies

"My son is a big fan of “story aunty” as he fondly calls her. He loves the whole session where he is creatively engaged in making something related to story & then listening to the story with voice modulations and amazing expressions by Rituparna. The stories are well chosen and age appropriate which the children can understand. Rituparna exhibits such enthusiasm that children want to be part of the story. Of all the sessions that we have attended not two sessions are same. Each time there is something different and exciting to look forward to. The involvement and participation that Rituparna encourages in my son has made him more confident and less shy. I would highly recommend Rituparna’s Golpo Sessions."

− Akanksha Kapoor, Manager, HR & IT in a Pvt Ltd Company & Mother to 4 year old Kabir

"One day, my son came back from his school with a card for a Christmas party with him. Yes it was an invitation by his friend Vihaan, Ritu’s son. I think the Christmas Party was the best thing that happened in our life. We met Ritu the awesome storyteller. Since then Hriday and I have attended her storytelling classes. It’s only been 3 classes and I am able to find a big change in my son’s communication skills. Both of us enjoyed the classes thoroughly as the classes are very interactive with appropriate craft activities, rhymes and stories. Thank you Ritu for doing a brilliant job and helping other children to build their vocabulary, confidence and improve the communication skills."

− Divya Wadhwa, Pre-Primary Teacher at Cambridge School, Noida & Mother to 3 year old Hriday

"Five stars to Ms. Ghosh! It was such an awesome experience listening to the story she narrated; that not only my son but I enjoyed it thoroughly too... I loved your expressions, your narrative skills & above all how you became a child yourself with all the other kids! The craft making after the story session is brilliant. I loved how kids were so creative and innovative in their creations. You doing a wonderful job Rituparna & I wish you all the very best."

− Meghna Garg, Mother to 4 year old Aryan

"At HCL, we take pride in our culture of Ideapreneurship - where every Ideapreneur ( idea led Intrapreneur) is empowered to innovate per client needs and drive ideas to fruition thus taking our relationships beyond the contract. Every year, thousands of Ideapreneurs go beyond the call of the contract and come up with ideas that uniquely address the issues that clients face. These ideas are valuable to both the clients and us. We would like to celebrate these Ideapreneurs, share their achievements across the organization to inspire other fellow Ideapreneurs . Stories are the most compelling way to do that. But given the business and technical complexity of the IT/ITES world, we were not being able to fully leverage these valuable contributions.With Rituparna’s help, these stories have finally been demystified and brought alive. She has enthused a provocative understanding of the context, the problem and more importantly the person in each story- thereby enabling these stories to be popularized across both the employee and customer base. At a recent client meeting, I found it so inspiring and easy to narrate a relevant story of an employee’s contribution, thanks to the beautiful analogies that she had written out.Much thanks, Rituparna. You have truly helped us capture the spirit of Ideapreneurship and celebrate our Ideapreneurs."

− Neha Markanda, General Manager, Employer Brand at HCL Technologies

"“What magic you weave,
That you make us believe,
In animals that speak like you & me,
And – in the ‘Power of The Story’!
You wove such a spell!
(And revised EVS concepts as well…)
Thank you! Oh, Thank You!
Visit us again…please please do!”"

− Students & Teachers of The Shri Ram Millennium School, Noida

"It didn't occur to me that I could use storytelling to handle my son's tantrums! My son is very fond of stories & it is a chore to find new stories to tell him every day. This workshop was such an eye-opener to me! Not only have I learnt new ways of using storytelling to raise my son, but I have also discovered ways of making it fun for me! Now I look forward to storytelling! "

− Reena Lodha, Mother to 3.5 year old Devansh


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