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I Am A Storyteller

Once A Storyteller, Always A Storyteller

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Fancy, how ‘journalist’ was never my choice of professional description. Yes I am trained in journalism and I worked in a news organization for much of my professional career. I also never fancied sitting before the camera to anchor, I thought it too much trouble to look impressionable! The truth is that I never liked describing myself as a journalist. Instead I said what I was, a Producer. To me then and even now a show Director and Producer is where the power rests. I enjoyed immersing myself in stories, interviewing people, sifting through their stories, rewriting them and telling them effectively through visual narratives. As a trainee producer who reported and produced her own ‘stories’ I was hands and feet on the ground. In my fair share of reporting, I have travelled with politicians soaking the heat and dust of Indian elections, door-stepped them for sound bytes,  chatted with celebrities to tell their stories, helped some rewind their lives to the forgotten crevices of their memories and narrating anecdotes. I have meticulously gathered narratives from various sources, to weave stories that have been forgotten. On the way I have stumbled and discovered stories that people have overlooked and yet have to be told loud and clear.  Read More

Take Charge of Your Stories

New Beginnings: Take Charge Of Your Stories

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What is the greatest fear for a storyteller? To someone like me there are many…of not pleasing my audience well enough, to lose my voice (oh yes! this unfortunate thing has happened), to losing my books and wealth of printed stories that I have lovingly collected over the years, of being tongue-tied before an audience. But my greatest fear is to wake up one fine day and discovering that I have no stories to tell!

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The Traits of A Compulsive Story Teller

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Despite all the stories I tell, I sometimes find it difficult to speak to people!

There…that’s the biggest confession of the year! But please don’t judge me…yet! You see, the truth is that I have spent so much time behind the lens that I rather ask, than say. I enjoy listening than speaking! And so in that way my voracious appetite for stories remains intact.

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