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Stories Solopreneurs Share

Stories Solopreneurs Share

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We solopreneurs are a crazy lot! We’ve all chosen to follow our hearts, because our minds would not be at rest if we don’t! We dream, doodle and plan a lot and then procrastinate for rest of the time! We always take on more than what our plates can carry. If we are our own boss then we are also the sales, marketing, receptionist, peon and driver for our business. Ask us and we will also be ready to walk from door-to-door to sell our products and services! Or stand at traffic signals dishing out pamphlets! Our mind is always cluttered with people who we want to work with or meet and talk to, yet we all walk a very personal and lonely journey. We feel over-worked, nervous and excited all at the same time. Our passion fuels us more than the revenue that we earn and even then we land up questioning our dreams, passions and journey every single day.  Read More

YSB Hangout: Storytelling As A Communication Tool

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Storytelling is the new buzz in town. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is curious about it. Few are experimenting with it. Many are wary of it. And there are many who are ignorant about it!

What Does Storytelling Do To Communications?

The word Golpo is the soul of everything that Your Story Bag stands for. It really is a very unique word in meaning and application. While Golpo means ‘story’ in Bengali, it also means ‘having a conversation’. In this Hangout Devdarshan and I list out the importance of stories in generating conversations. Today it is no longer about stating facts, it is about bringing out the stories behind the facts. How does then storytelling become an powerful communications tool? Read More

Year of the Sheep

Sheepish Tales

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Working in a notoriously loud newsroom has its serious repercussions. Not just on your ears and stress nerves, but also on your personality. People begin to assume that given that you work in a volatile news organization known for its hyperbole and desk-thumping journalism, you too would show the same personality traits! At least such was the story of a former colleague.

After a 6 year long stint in a news channel, Dorothy (name changed) changed her job. She joined a home shopping network and her new job responsibility included producing and packaging pre-recorded shows that sold everything from household items, to gadgets and fashion. Used to the diktats of live television and breaking news, changing gears into a new segment of television didn’t take time. She enjoyed the new pace of life, until her new boss came breathing down on her saying, “You lack aggression in your job!” “I failed to understand why aggression was so important in a shopping channel?” she asked me later. Read More

Is Storytelling A Bad Word?

Should Storytelling Be A Bad Word With Corporates?

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“Let’s get our community development story out,” said a client of mine, shoving at me a thick booklet loaded with climbing graphs and warm pictures. I am consulting them on their petroleum project and somewhere in the heartlands of Northern India there is hidden a great story!

“Why don’t we tell a story?” I suggested hoping to give a turn to the usual communication exercise. To which came the reply, “When we have the numbers to talk for us, why I need spin to let the world know of our achievements?”

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"Follow Your Heart, Satiate  Your Hunger"

Just Roy: Follow Your Heart, Satiate Your Hunger

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Once upon a small town, lived a girl with a motley crop of hair, running sneakers and a complete tomboy swank that was not unusual in an all-girls Convent school. Besides being a super athlete, an all-rounder really, her real skill was that she could gyrate like Akshay Kumar in the popular 90’s song, Chura Ke Dil Mera, Goriya Chali. Needless to say that as she knee-dived into the (imaginary) sand at the back of the class, someone else jumped into the fray as the dancing partner. Loud hoots, claps and a class-full of hollering girls, this was one of the many things that made 7th grade truly memorable!

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Corporate Golpo: Storytelling At The Workplace

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Corporate Golpo is a joint service by Your Story Bag and Strongkofee Leadership Communications

What is Corporate Golpo anyway? How can we help? This post is all about making Storytelling a powerful Leadership, Organizational, Business & Communication Tool.

But before thatGolpo is the Bengali word for ‘Story’. It also means ‘having a conversation.’ Golpo or Stories are the bedrock of all communication and that is why we believe in empowering you with the right stories.

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10 Lessons from 100 Stories - 2

10 Lessons from 100 Stories : How Ideas Became Stories At HCL Technologies – Part 2

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Last week I shared the top 5 lessons from telling 100 stories at HCL.

You may ask how different are these stories anyway? In an IT / ITES organization, these are all engineers that we are talking about! When I started writing this piece, I realized that I could actually write 100 lessons from 100 stories! That would mean sharing all the 100 stories!

What makes each of these stories unique is that there is a different client in every case. The complexity of the problem is different. The response to challenge, problem solving and the genesis of every idea is different.

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10 Lessons from 100 Stories - 1

10 Lessons From 100 Stories – How Ideas Became Stories At HCL Technologies: Part 1

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I firmly believe that good stories come to those who believe in the power of stories. Or else how could I ever tell this story of a 100 stories? For every storyteller the story of the first story is always a special one. Quite like having the first child, you are anxious and excited about it. You become responsible. You begin to look at the world differently. You want to be a better person and perform to your fullest potential. And like every parenting journey teaches parents something new about parenting that they hadn’t known of, so does every story teach a storyteller something new about her craft.  Read More