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Tickle Your Story Bones - Storytelling Workshop

Discovered your Story Bone yet?

Tickle Your Story Bones – Storytelling Workshop

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“So has your Story Bones been tickled?” I asked to a roomful of excited parents and teachers.

“Yes…yes..yessss!!” yelled back my audience.

“So where did you find it hiding in your body?” I fired the next one quickly.

There was an awkward pause. People smiled back, as if telling me that it is hidden in a secret corner of their soul, one they now know exists but cannot put their fingers to!

I looked around expectantly. Until a teacher rightfully said, “It keeps moving about!” Read More

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The Making of the Story Maker Camp

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(Thinking Aloud)

Stooooorrrry Makkkkkker Caaaamp, Voila! I finally found a name for a children’s Summer Retreat…or should I say a Fun Treat of adventures with Stories? What was I thinking? What was I intending to do? Will young children really connect with ‘The Story Maker Camp’? Before I answer these, let me unroll some memories from the secret scrolls of time, so we can trace back the roots for this latest adventure! Read More