A little bit about us

Stories are like Air… everywhere, always around. Something that we need every day and can’t live without! As fond companions while growing up, memories of childhood, in the crevices of our lives and nuts and bolts of our businesses, stories are in our DNA! Yet, we seldom value its worth in our lives and in our worlds. Stories and storytelling is an ancient form of communication, in fact it is as old as humanity itself! From the cave drawings of primitive men, to the Westcar Papyruses from Egypt in 20th Century BC, stories before they were even drawn or written were really told. Imagine a community of people sitting around a fire to share the events of the day, the real, the magical and the imaginary! The oral tradition of storytelling goes back to the ancient times, with our very own Panchatantra tales being one of the oldest tales told from 3rd Century BC! We all tell stories, consciously or unconsciously in our conversations, in our anecdotes, in recounting our experiences we are telling stories. Just that we don’t realize the power stories contain and we certainly don’t use them effectively! Humans are naturally tuned to understand stories. Stories let us connect the dots, look for meaning and derive a lesson. Stories give us ideas, answers and solutions. Listening to stories help us imagine and create another’s world. Stories when told and shared effectively trigger emotions and therefore inspire reactions and behavior. We are always looking for stories…

A little bit more about us

Everyone has a story to tell. In fact, everyone has to tell stories. Like a child bursting with camp stories, or a parent raising a reader, or a teacher weaving a story in the lesson plan. Like a young student writing his first college application, or facing his big interview. Like a young professional making his first presentation, or a manager taking on a new team. Like a start-up making a pitch to an investor, or likeable partners. Like the sales and marketing teams selling services and products in the cloak of stories. Like a CEO taking over the ship of a new organization, or having 100,000 people working as a unit. We work with Schools, Teachers and Parents in helping children ‘discover expressions, emotions & life through stories.’ We offer unique story based reading, communication and creative activity workshops and classes. We work with Students & Professional in crafting their personal stories for their work and life. We offer services to college aspirants in helping them craft their stories. We also help young professionals better their presentation skills through concepts of storytelling. We work with Businesses and Corporates in crafting their organizational, leadership and business stories. In collaboration with StrongKofee we offer a unique Story-based communication and training program. Scientifically designed, this program helps the organization and its leaders fuel their communication and presentations with stories and storytelling techniques.

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