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Tellers’ Tales: Falak Randerian

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This month on Your Story Bag, we introduce a brand new section called Tellers’ Tales. One of the high points of  being in this profession is that one meets several talented tellers from across the world. Some who tell stories professionally, some that do it out of their passion. Whatever be their cause, each one is a strong believer in the power of stories and in her / his own way adding a story to the great storytelling wave that we are now seeing in the world. Evidently, storytelling holds incredible significance in our world today and one of the things that we truly want to celebrate is the essence of Community Storytelling. Stories are never told in isolation, they find significance and meaning only when shared in a common space. Weaving narratives and stories as part of Tellers’ Tales is just one of the ways we will do that.

We have immense respect for each storyteller and we deeply admire their work and passion that they bring to the craft. Take this opportunity to meet storytellers from near and far, know more about their work, their inspirations, their journeys, their vision and of course…their stories.

This month, we travel to the Mecca Storytelling in India, Bengaluru to meet Falak Randerian of My Little Chatterbox.  Read More