Golpo is the Bengali word for ‘Story’. It also means ‘having a conversation’. Golpo or Stories are the bedrock of all communication and that is why we believe in empowering you with the right stories. 


We offer the storytelling, consulting and training services to children, schools, teachers and parents. Through interactive sessions, song, play and creative activities for kids, our endeavor is to nurture the born storyteller in every child. Here are some of things we offer:

  • Book Club & Storytelling Programs
  • Creative Arts & Crafts
  • Creative Writing / Storyboarding & Story Writing Activities
  • Storytelling Classes to Tickle The Story Bones
  • Busy Bubs Happy Mums – A mother-child program
  • Reading Buds Program – Age Group 3 – 7
  • Reading Bloom Program – Age Group 7 – 10
  • Parental Workshops – On how to use storytelling as a parenting tool
  • Teacher Training & Consulting 

With independent classes & sessions conducted in Noida, Rituparna also holds sessions in schools, bookshops & libraries across Delhi / NCR. 

For more on our stories for children look up our Golpo Facebook Page

Who is it for?

Students, Parents, Teachers, Schools


Storytelling transcends childhood. If you are a story lover or seeker, you should be able to use stories in your adult life as well. Storytelling for Adults& Individualshas multiple applications. We begin with understanding your story needs and follow the principles of extraction, strategy and weaving to help you sort Your Story Bag!

Our methodology involves a 3-step procedure:


Extraction of stories, experiences & anecdotes


Writing the stories effectively & formatting them based on the requirements of delivery / presentation


Training in delivery and the oral form of storytelling to make an impactful presentation.

Who is it For?

Students, Young Professionals, Solopreneurs, Start-Ups


Storytelling in the business and corporate sector holds tremendous impact. We offer storytelling, consulting and training services for internal and external communication. Our Storytelling & Image Building Program brought to you in association with StrongKofee Leadership Communications,is a comprehensive module designed to help form a corporate identity program.

We follow a 5-step process in storytelling: 


Understanding your story needs, assessing the objectives and goals for telling stories. We strategize and prepare a roadmap to suit your needs. We also ascertain the tools required to implement the roadmap.


Stories in order to be told have to be extracted. Whether working with the leadership or the staff, we excel in extracting stories through our interviews and worksheets.


We exercise a precise way of sorting through the mountain of stories to shortlist the ones that suit your need. We weave and write your stories based on the desired format – whitepapers, speeches, film scripts, coffee-table books, newsletters, etc.


We build the requisite capacities in your staff to pick the right stories from the bag. We train, coach and guide your business leaders, employees and staff to make effective presentations and / or have media interactions.


We help businesses and corporates build capacities to harness the power of stories internally. We tell you how you can make storytelling an everyday affair in the organization.

We offer the following services:

  • Finding the stories worth telling
  • Weaving & crafting the stories
  • Stories meant for internal audience
  • How to harness the power of stories
  • How to take stories to the media
  • How to tell the stories on a public platform
  • Find the Storyteller in You Program – Creative & performance based storytelling to tickle your story bones

Who is it For?

Corporate Leaders, HR, Marketing, Communications & PR