Golpo is the Bengali word for ‘Story’. It also means ‘having a conversation’. Golpo or Stories are the bedrock of all communication and that is why we believe in empowering you with the right stories.

At Your Story Bag, as far as storytelling is concerned we really begin at the roots. Stories are an integral part of every childhood, or rather they should be! We bring you stories that take the little minds into a world where they never want to come out from. We give them the story and they create their world with their imagination, carving images, and drawing out characters. As they grow up, they learn to create their own worlds, with stories that they want to tell. With our Golpo, we want our children to “discover expressions, emotions and life through stories.” This is where we make them fall in love with story, or the idea of a story.

With hand-picked books and stories, interactive and dramatic storytelling Your Story Bag looks at building children’s listening, comprehension and communication skills. Stories are a gateway into language and therefore we also have a Book Club that encourages children to read and share books with their friends.

Creative Arts is an integral part of our story programs where we have sessions in role play, imagination and communication. We incorporate dramatics, music and movement in our expressions’ classes, therefore bringing out the little storytellers. Art and Craft are friendly companions to our classes, where we have a healthy mix of open and guided creativity.
We want to make storytelling a parenting tool for every parent and therefore we encourage parents to attend the sessions with their children. Some of the programs that we offer children and parents include:

Busy Bubs Happy Mums – A mother-child program
Reading Buds Program – Age Group 3 – 7
Reading Bloom Program – Age Group 7 – 10

Creative Arts & Crafts

Creative Writing / Storyboarding & Story Writing Activities

Book Club & Storytelling Programs

Storytelling for Schools & Teachers

Your Story Bag offers “Tickle Your Story Bones Workshop for Teachers” – an intensive 15 hour workshop for teachers to tune their storytelling skills and develop the necessary capabilities to use storytelling more effectively in the classroom.

With worksheets, in-class demos and home assignments, the workshop has specific modules on voice modulation, body movement, stage management, Abhinaya (expressions) and prop design.

The Workshop is designed to hone and polish the storytelling skills in teachers and provides the participants with resources and ideas on how to formulate lesson plans using stories.

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