Golpo is the Bengali word for ‘Story’. It also means ‘having a conversation’. Golpo or Stories are the bedrock of all communication and that is why we believe in empowering you with the right stories. 

Corporate Golpois a joint offering by Your Story Bag and Strongkofee Leadership Communications. A specially crafted service for organisations, Corporate Golpomakes storytelling a powerful Leadership, Organizational, Business and Communication Tool.

Storytelling is about sensitizing people and creating an effective culture. As experts in storytelling and communication we believe we can craft a solution suited to your organization’s ‘story needs’. We help sort ‘Your Story Bag’ but before that we need to know where you are going.

Here are some of the ways we can help you:

  1. Craft stories for internal & external communication
  2. Harness stories for organizational and business needs by liaising with HR & Communications teams
  3. Build stories that augment your brand and marketing objectives
  4. Customize our services and offer solutions for C-suite or organizational needs
  5. Train, Consult and Coach to create an effective culture of storytelling by building capacities within the team

How Do We Do It?

We follow a 5-step process:

  1. Strategy – Understanding your story needs, assessing the objectives and goals for telling stories. We strategize and prepare a roadmap to suit your needs. We also ascertain the tools required to implement the roadmap. 
  1. Extraction: Stories in order to be told have to be extracted. Whether working with the leadership or the staff, we excel in extracting stories through our interviews and worksheets. 
  1. Weaving: We exercise a precise way of sorting through the mountain of stories to shortlist the ones that suit your need. We weave and write your stories based on the desired format – whitepapers, speeches, film scripts, coffee-table books, graphic novels, newsletters, etc. 
  1. Telling: We build the requisite capacities in your staff to pick the right stories from the bag. We train, coach and guide your business leaders, employees and staff to make effective presentations and / or have media interactions. 
  1. Harness: We help businesses and corporates build capacities to harness the power of stories internally. We tell you how you can make storytelling an everyday affair in the organization.

Telling The Stories

    1. Tickle Your Story Bones for Managers

Storytelling is both a science and an art. Marrying the two themes together, this is a special training that is designed to sensitize, and like the name suggests, tickle the story bones in everyone. With individual and group activities that build on creativity, strategy and implementation, this workshop seeks to bring out the storyteller in every employee. It is also a truncated exercise empowering employees to understand their story needs and the requirements of what should go into their story bag.

    2. Capacity Building Programs 

  • Training and Coaching Your Story Ninjas

This is a hands-on training program designed to help you identify people within the organization who can keep the fire alive around which people can share their stories. It is about coming up with short term and long term goals to make stories and storytelling work for the organization. We train and coach your story ninjas over a specified period of time to harness the power of stories.

  • Taking Stories To The Internal Audience 

This is a workshop to brief leaders in the identified internal communications skills and empowering them with tools to narrate these stories in a relevant manner. 

  • Taking Stories To The Media 

The media is always looking for a good story, however understanding what the media is looking for is not an easy task. Using our combined skills and experience in communications and media, we help you convey the narratives on people skills, careers and industry trends. With special training and focused media trainings, sharing relevant stories to the media becomes a powerful exercise. 

  • Taking Stories To Presentations and Public Platforms 

A good storyteller has a bagful of magical stories that when used effectively help you tell the right story to the right audience. We help develop the skills in your staff to become powerful storytellers to help communicate the message as powerful speakers.