Golpo is the Bengali word for ‘Story’. It also means ‘having a conversation’. Golpo or Stories are the bedrock of all communication and that is why we believe in empowering you with the right stories.

Storytelling transcends childhood. If you are a story lover or seeker, you should be able to use stories in your adult life as well. Golpo Connect is all about connections. It is about making the connections with the right stories. It is about finding the right stories that need to be told and there are really several applications that we have found.

Want to know how you can quickly master storytelling to make a presentation or face an interview? Or are you having trouble reaching out to your clients convincingly? Golpo Connect is specially designed for Students, Young Professionals, Creative Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs and Start-Ups who want a simple dose of storytelling to spark their life and work.

We begin with understanding your story needs and follow the principles of extraction, strategy and weaving to help you sort Your Story Bag! With one-on-one Skype / Hangouts, Golpo Connect is a complete online model of storytelling.

Our methodology involves a 3-step procedure:

Extraction: The process of extracting your stories, experiences & anecdotes through a detailed interview

Weaving: Writing the stories effectively & formatting them based on the requirements of delivery

Telling: Training in delivery and the oral form of storytelling to make an impactful presentation