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10 Lessons from 100 Stories - 2

10 Lessons from 100 Stories : How Ideas Became Stories At HCL Technologies – Part 2

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Last week I shared the top 5 lessons from telling 100 stories at HCL.

You may ask how different are these stories anyway? In an IT / ITES organization, these are all engineers that we are talking about! When I started writing this piece, I realized that I could actually write 100 lessons from 100 stories! That would mean sharing all the 100 stories!

What makes each of these stories unique is that there is a different client in every case. The complexity of the problem is different. The response to challenge, problem solving and the genesis of every idea is different.

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Take Charge of Your Stories

New Beginnings: Take Charge Of Your Stories

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What is the greatest fear for a storyteller? To someone like me there are many…of not pleasing my audience well enough, to lose my voice (oh yes! this unfortunate thing has happened), to losing my books and wealth of printed stories that I have lovingly collected over the years, of being tongue-tied before an audience. But my greatest fear is to wake up one fine day and discovering that I have no stories to tell!

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