Year of the Sheep

Sheepish Tales

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Working in a notoriously loud newsroom has its serious repercussions. Not just on your ears and stress nerves, but also on your personality. People begin to assume that given that you work in a volatile news organization known for its hyperbole and desk-thumping journalism, you too would show the same personality traits! At least such was the story of a former colleague.

After a 6 year long stint in a news channel, Dorothy (name changed) changed her job. She joined a home shopping network and her new job responsibility included producing and packaging pre-recorded shows that sold everything from household items, to gadgets and fashion. Used to the diktats of live television and breaking news, changing gears into a new segment of television didn’t take time. She enjoyed the new pace of life, until her new boss came breathing down on her saying, “You lack aggression in your job!” “I failed to understand why aggression was so important in a shopping channel?” she asked me later. Read More