I Am A Storyteller

Once A Storyteller, Always A Storyteller

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Fancy, how ‘journalist’ was never my choice of professional description. Yes I am trained in journalism and I worked in a news organization for much of my professional career. I also never fancied sitting before the camera to anchor, I thought it too much trouble to look impressionable! The truth is that I never liked describing myself as a journalist. Instead I said what I was, a Producer. To me then and even now a show Director and Producer is where the power rests. I enjoyed immersing myself in stories, interviewing people, sifting through their stories, rewriting them and telling them effectively through visual narratives. As a trainee producer who reported and produced her own ‘stories’ I was hands and feet on the ground. In my fair share of reporting, I have travelled with politicians soaking the heat and dust of Indian elections, door-stepped them for sound bytes,  chatted with celebrities to tell their stories, helped some rewind their lives to the forgotten crevices of their memories and narrating anecdotes. I have meticulously gathered narratives from various sources, to weave stories that have been forgotten. On the way I have stumbled and discovered stories that people have overlooked and yet have to be told loud and clear.  Read More