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Powerful Women's Stories on Your Story Bag

The Power & Beauty of Women’s Stories

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“If you had a next birth, what would you like to be born as and why”

“I am a proud to be a girl. I have grown up to watch some very powerful women in my life that includes my mothers, aunts and grandmothers. If I were to be born again, I would be born as a woman.”  

It was the late 90’s and India in its small towns was waking up to the glamorous world of beauty and fashion. After all, India has only recently shown the world its beauteous faces at the Miss Universe and Miss World stages! Would India’s satellite towns be far behind, in breeding the next generation of beauty queens? Read More

"Follow Your Heart, Satiate  Your Hunger"

Just Roy: Follow Your Heart, Satiate Your Hunger

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Once upon a small town, lived a girl with a motley crop of hair, running sneakers and a complete tomboy swank that was not unusual in an all-girls Convent school. Besides being a super athlete, an all-rounder really, her real skill was that she could gyrate like Akshay Kumar in the popular 90’s song, Chura Ke Dil Mera, Goriya Chali. Needless to say that as she knee-dived into the (imaginary) sand at the back of the class, someone else jumped into the fray as the dancing partner. Loud hoots, claps and a class-full of hollering girls, this was one of the many things that made 7th grade truly memorable!

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Take Charge of Your Stories

New Beginnings: Take Charge Of Your Stories

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What is the greatest fear for a storyteller? To someone like me there are many…of not pleasing my audience well enough, to lose my voice (oh yes! this unfortunate thing has happened), to losing my books and wealth of printed stories that I have lovingly collected over the years, of being tongue-tied before an audience. But my greatest fear is to wake up one fine day and discovering that I have no stories to tell!

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